Where is the data stored?

Any uploaded files are currently stored on Exoscale in Switzerland. All content must be legal under Switzerland law. We chose Switzerland as our file storage location due to the good privacy laws, and because Exoscale is a pretty good cloud provider in our opinion.

Any shortened URLs using the service are currently stored in AWS S3, as we have not yet migrated this over to Switzerland. Any shortened URLs must fall inline with the laws in Ohio, U.S. including any federal laws of the United States. Additionally, shortened URLs must fall in line with AWS' Acceptable Use Policy.

How do I use this service?

Once you have an account, you will be given information on how to setup your device to use the service as the file hosting platform. In case you're wondering, we do support ShareX and Linux/MacOS through owo.sh. Most other Pomf-compatible clients (multipart/formdata) for file uploads or Polr-compatible clients for link shortening are supported.

Private? Beta? I wanna upload NOW!

Currently we aren't accepting new users through a signup form, as we're still in beta and are constantly making improvements and updates to our infrastructure. We hope to be accepting users through a signup form in the future. If you want to try your luck at convincing Dean to give you an account over email, be our guest.

What's the maximum filesize I can upload?

Currently, the maximum filesize that the server will accept is 100MB. This limit applies per request, and up to three images can be uploaded in one request. This may be changed in the future, but currently we feel that this gives users enough room to upload what they want and not cause us to have to pay an overly large bill for storage and bandwidth.

What filetypes are allowed?

Previously, we only allowed extensions/mime-types that were in a whitelist. Now we allow all filetypes and mime-types. The Content-Type of the served content will be set to the Content-Type of the multipart field's Content-Type, but defaults to application/octect-stream if not supplied. All content is scanned after upload, and every 48 hours. Any content that is marked as infected is immediately discarded from storage, the cache servers, and in some cases invalidated on our CDN.

How can I access files that have been uploaded to the service?

Our service serves content from many "vanity" URLs, all over HTTPS. File hosting is separated from the link shortener domains. We don't have a control panel, yet, but it is planned.

You can find the file hosting service on:

  • owo.whats-th.is
  • all.foxgirlsare.sexy
  • buttsare.sexy
  • can-i-ask-dean-on-a.date
  • catch-me-outside.how-about-th.at
  • cat.girlsare.life
  • deanis.sexy
  • fox.girlsare.life
  • hack-my-mainfra.me
  • how-about-th.at
  • i.am-a.ninja
  • i.stole-a-me.me
  • i-hate.dabbot.org
  • i-have-a.fourchin.net
  • i-was-scammed-by.dabbot.org
  • im.not.ovh
  • is-fi.re
  • it-is.us
  • light-theme-hurts.my-ey.es
  • my.catgirl.party
  • nyanyanya.moe
  • owo.solutions
  • ping-b1nzy.today
  • quak.ovh
  • quak.quak.ovh
  • requires.discord.gold
  • take-me-on-a.date
  • this.is-a.dog
  • totally-not.a-sketchy.site

Additionally, we serve all files on a few wildcarded subdomains:

  • *.are-pretty.sexy
  • *.banned.today
  • *.is-fi.re
  • *.is-going-to.space
  • *.is-serious.business
  • *.is-a-bad-waifu.com
  • *.is-a-good-waifu.com
  • *.is-bad.com
  • *.is-pretty.cool
  • *.is-pretty.sexy
  • *.ratelimited.today
  • *.while-at.work

Wildcards can have anything thrown in front of them (as long as it doesn't contain an extra period!). For example, I can use owo.is-pretty.cool to access files on the file CDN, but I can't use whats.this.is-pretty.cool, because whats.this contains an extra period.

You can find the link shortener service on:

  • awau.moe
  • thats-a.link
  • uwu.whats-th.is

Visiting any of these links in your browser without a path will redirect you back to the homepage.

I don't like something hosted here. Can you remove it?

We're sorry to hear about that. If any images infringe on your rights or the rights of an entity you represent, please shoot us an email using the contact link in the footer of this page and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Make sure to provide us with the URL(s) of the content in question or we will be unable to find the files on our system.